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We offer two year full-time MBA Programme affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Approved by AICTE New Delhi and Accredited by NAAC (A+)

The scheme of this course enables the candidates to acquire conceptual, technical and human skills to meet the requirements of industry, business and society. It enables the candidates to acquire knowledge, skills, and strategic perspectives essential for business leadership.

   The MBA Programme consists of 26 courses, an organization study, a dissertation project work. At the end of every semester a student has to undergo comprehensive subject viva-voce carrying 50 marks each also. All theory courses carry 100 marks each, out of which 40 marks is for continuous evaluation and 60 marks is for comprehensive evaluation by University. The first and second semester courses carry 750 and 850 marks respectively. The third and fourth semester courses carry 750 and 650 marks, thus the total marks for the MBA Programme is 3000.





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This two year course is spread over four semesters. All semesters are of 20 weeks duration out of which 16 instructional weeks are provided for class work. The remaining 4 weeks are intended for examinations and other extracurricular activities.

There are 26 courses for the MBA Programme which comprises of 18 core courses, 1 Summer Internship, 1 Problem Centered Research Project and 1 Viva voce at the end of every semester. The first semester has 7 core courses and second semester has 8 core courses. The third semester has 2 core courses and 4 elective courses (2 courses each from 2 functional areas) and a summer Internship of 8 weeks duration. The final semester has 1 core course, 4 elective courses (2 courses each from 2 functional areas) and a problem centered research project. As we offer dual specialization students are required to select
4 elective courses each from 2 functional areas of their choice from the list of elective courses permitted for third and fourth semesters.

At the end of the second semester, all students will have to undertake Summer Internship for a period of 8 weeks. The Summer Internship carries 100 marks with 4 credits. This internship is expected to provide the participants with elements of experiential learning pertaining to managerial functions. Student can select a manufacturing or service firm, having four functional departments such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, and Operations Departments. Prepare and submit a report on the functioning of that organisation from the managerial perspective. The candidates are required to take one hard copy and a soft copy of the Summer Internship Report with the completion certificates from the Organisation and the College

At the end of the fourth semester, all students will have to undertake a Research Project for a period of not less than 8 weeks. The research project is a problem centered study in management where the students are expected to follow the basic process of research. A specific managerial problem from any industry shall be selected by the candidate in consultation with the Faculty Guide

The evaluation of students comprises of continual evaluation at the Institution level and comprehensive evaluation by the University.

Continual Evaluation: Continual evaluation or internal assessment will be conducted throughout the semester. It is based on internal examinations and various types of assignments as decided by the faculty member who is handling the course. Assignments include homework, problem solving, group discussions, quiz, term projects, spot tests, role play, software exercises etc. A systematic record for the award of continual evaluation marks are maintained in the department duly signed by the concerned faculty members and counter signed by the head of the department.

Criteria for Continual Evaluation

Sl No Component of Continual Evaluation Marks Percentage
1 Test Papers (Subject to a Minimum of 2 tests including model exam for each course) 20(5+15 50%
2 Assignments – Other Components 10 20%
3 Class Participation, Punctuality, Discipline 10 20%
  Total 40  








Comprehensive Evaluation: The comprehensive evaluation will be done by the University through end- semester examinations which is of 3 hours duration for all subject courses. It carries 60 marks. The marks required for a pass is 40% for individual courses. There is separate minimum for all courses in continual and comprehensive evaluation (University Examinations). The candidate shall also secure 50% marks in aggregate of all courses of a particular semester with minimum credit point of 5 (SGPA – Semester Grade Point Average) for semester pass.


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