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The Christian ideal of love and service is integrated with service to our motherland,
in the college motto ‘For God and Country’.


Run fast or be last

Looking for something cool and fun? Searching for Recreation, instruction, healthy competition and combination of activities in one package? Well, then sports and games club is the right choice…

Here we are to promote and develop the interests and skills of members in sport- related activities. Our aim is to develop the physical fitness and mental ability for the upcoming sports players under the supervision of physical education instructor. Intensive practice is given to the best talented sports players. State level online sports skill competition in association with Kerala youth welfare board hosted by our club to find out the talent of youngsters was the talk of the town during covid pandemic situation. Join us if

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Bharata Mata College (Autonomous) is a nationally accredited first-grade arts, science and management co-educational institution of higher learning in the aided sector, under Bharata Mata College Educational Trust.