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X’lencia is the flagship event of the Institute, planned and executed by the MBA students. It is intended to promote the young managers to broaden and sharpen their minds by putting them through toughtasks. It is one among the much awaited Management Fest in Kerala as it provides a platform to showcase the talents of hundreds of young managerial aspirants from south Indian B Schools.

Fresher’s day celebration is a gracious and a cordial welcome by the second year students to the first year students. It is an event where fresher’s are not only given a chance to exhibit their talents but also feel comfortable and adapt to the new surroundings

Which is a special time when sentiments are shared, bonds strengthened, and memories etched in Spartan green.

Wearing graduation gowns, tossing the caps and having group photos clicked is a unique moment in everyone’s college life. What could better symbolize the completion of your graduation compared to the photo in convocation gown itself and along with your classmates and professors

We celebrate all important days and occasions to mark particular events or topics in order to promote awareness about it and remind the students about the objectives and motivate them to take necessary action. We celebrate Women’s day, Teachers day, Youth day, Vigilance day, Environment Day, World food day, Management week and the like

Arts Day at BMIM is an educational, fun-filled day of arts and events that encourage everyone to appreciate and celebrate arts, take note of the impact of the arts on our daily lives, and explore the critical and creative nature of the visual and performing arts.

Sports day is a day of honoring and awarding the talented students who are participating in sports inside the college campus. Intra house tournaments and athletic events help students to reduce stress, enhance the leadership quality and a good way to experience group process. For that we conduct house wise tournaments for both men and women separately.

Onam the harvest festival of Kerala, the secular festivity of the state observed by people of all castes and religions is celebrated with all its poise and gaiety in the campus

Christmas the celebration to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the festival of Universal love is the most celebrated event in the campus. The whole campus is illuminated, carol singing and competitions are conducled christmas is celebrated with lots of joy and happiness.

Kerala Day or Kerala Piravi is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Kerala as an independent state in the Republic of India on November 1, 1956. BMIM celebrates Kerala Day

Out with the old, in with the new, the campus celebrates the oldest among the celebrations very enthusiastically.

Co-Curricular Activities

An organizational study for students provides them an opportunity to gain an insight into the way an organization works. Students can use the internship to see professionals on actual work setting, interact with them, determine if they have an interest in a particular career,
create a network of contacts, or gain credits for their academic program.

Industry internships are perfect platform for students to apply the classroom learnings in industry settings. The T&P coordinates with the partnering organizations and generates suitable internship opportunities for the students. The organizations turn up with their  requirements and discuss with the T&P about internship opportunities for prospective interns. The T&P division is committed to generating opportunities for summer internship for all MBA students of the institute.

BMIM offers a unique experiential learning opportunity to students by inviting CEO of top Indian and Multinational Companies on campus to interact with them. Students understand the work culture and work ethos of good companies through such interactions. They get enough cues about the values, integrity and commitment in professional and personal lives of a CEO. They share stories and experience about problems that they had encountered and the strategies and tactics they have used to successfully overcome all those issues. Aspiration level of students goes up leaps and bounds due to the inspiration given by successful corporate leaders.

BMIM organizes field visits and industry visits for our students in every semester. These visits are to manufacturing companies or places of professional relevance to the students that will contribute to the overall personal and professional development of the students. The senior managers of the firm address our students in their settings and brief them about their operations, systems and management strategies

Students joining BMIM should transform themselves as globally competent managerial personnel with holistic skills. We are offering two hours of experiential learning opportunity per day for the students. They regularly engage in debate, Quiz, extempore, just a minute, Journal review, book review, news paper review, management games, casestudy, role play, product launch, stock game and the like under the guidance of faculty members.

Every year BMIM students go for an international study tour. Our staff and students had visited Segi University of Malaysia, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, The Assumption University of Thailand and the like. Last two years such visit was not feasible due to pandemic. The present final year students are awaiting Govt permission regarding their International immersion programme.

The institute offers opportunity to students for conducting national level events like seminars/conferences by inviting students and faculty from other B-Schools. The serious deliberations on the theme of the programme provide all students and researchers to get exposed to contemporary issues and practices in business world.

Management is very dynamic. New trends emerge and go very frequently. A management faculty may be able to do justice to the students only if they update themselves with the changing trends, technology and knowledge. We take effort to ensure that our faculty
keep pace with changes outside by sending them for seminars, conferences, workshops FDP and the like. We also organize faculty development programmes for the benefit of faculty members of other B-Schools.

The purpose of organizing MDP is to have mutually beneficial interactions with Industry. The programme focuses on the recent trends and developments in the management world. The programme helps the executives to upgrade their knowledge, abilities, aptitude and attitude to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our MDPs provide the participants an excellent opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with the experienced faculty and fellow participant’s newer insights and help crystallize the concepts for better decision making. It also facilitates business executives to explore new frontiers of knowledge, sharpen their skills and help their organizations to achieve newer heights.

Rural Immersion Programme (RIP) is a new initiative that is being planned for providing an orientation to young professionals towards the problems of the vast majority of rural poor in India. It is intended to create awareness about the challenges of rural India and how students can leverage their education to bring social change at the grass-root level. Under this programme, students will visit villages, do tours of local industries, conduct door-to-door surveys, prepare case studies and hold focus group discussions. This enables them to Evaluate the effectiveness of government schemes, Adopt social perspective in business products and solutions, Inculcate values of social commitment among future business leaders and entrepreneurs to make them socially responsible.

Benefits of international faculty exchange are truly infinite. Our students will have the opportunity to learn concepts and ideas presented in an entirely new and different manner. It makes students more globally aware, more proactive and more adaptable. The faculty exchange programs present a unique opportunity for interaction between foreign universities and our institute leading to student’s exchanges between us in future. We have started signing MOU’s with Universities in Europe, UK,US and other Asian countries with an intention to bring learned Professors from those universities to BMIM as visiting faculty and to offer short term courses.

Bharata Mata College (Autonomous) is a nationally accredited first-grade arts, science and management co-educational institution of higher learning in the aided sector, under Bharata Mata College Educational Trust.